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Commission Committee on Counting of the 6th convocation of the NA
1) organizes the secret ballot and submits to the National Assembly those results; 2) in case the electronic system does not function at meetings of the National Assembly, registers deputies, considers the votes of deputies participating in an open vote, and organizes a roll-call vote and submits its results to the National Assembly.

Contains 8 deputies
Last Name, First Name, Sequential number Faction
Melikyan Gagik
(Committee Chair)
025 "Republican Party of Armenia"
Aghababyan Arayik
081 "Tsarukyan"
Grigoryan Rafik
047 "Republican Party of Armenia"
Hovhannisyan Araik
037 "Republican Party of Armenia"
Isayan Shake
073 "Tsarukyan"
Karapoghosyan Harutyun
040 "Republican Party of Armenia"
Manukyan Suren
105 "Armenian Revolutionary Federation"
Nazaryan Lena
094 "Way Out"

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