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Parliamentary Hearings on Theme of Demarcation and Delimitation Issues
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On November 25, the RA NA Armenia Faction held parliamentary hearings on the theme of Demarcation and Delimitation Issues. The deputies from the NA opposition factions, the representatives of the extra-parliamentary political forces, experts and public figures.

Opening the hearings, the NA Vice President Ishkhan Saghatelyan highlighted the holding of discussions in such a format. According to him, the hearings are the opportunities to voice your positions and viewpoints on the political processes taking place in our country.

The Head of the NA Armenia Faction Seyran Ohanyan has noted that the hearings are being held in a difficult military-political situation for the two Armenian states. “The faction has a purpose to raise all issues which are related to the process of demarcation and delimitation,” Seyran Ohanyan clarified.

According to the international experience on demarcation and delimitation, one of the most important conditions of their legitimacy is the readiness of the rival states to live in peace, the head of the faction said, underlining that today, there are no necessary preconditions to carry out that process, which is shown by the actions taken by Azerbaijan. As he has said, Azerbaijan does not intend to establish relations with Armenia in conditions of peaceful coexistence.

Seyran Ohanyan assured that the Armenia alliance is not against the establishment of peace and the clarification of borders, however it should not contradict the interests of Armenia and Artsakh.

“The inclusion of Artsakh in Azerbaijan should be excluded from the process of demarcation and delimitation,” the Head of the faction stated.

“The conflicts between Armenia and Azerbaijan can be resolved only by peaceful means, excluding the use of force or a threat for the use of force,” concluding the speech, Seyran Ohanyan said.

The NA Vice President Ishkhan Saghatelyan voiced the draft NA statement on Demarcation and Delimitation Issues authored by the Armenia Faction.

In their speeches on the document, the representatives presented their suggestions and remarks.

They welcomed the draft statement, noting that in terms of content, it corresponds to today’s imperative and has legal and political significance. An opinion has been expressed that in case of not having a comprehensive peace agreement with Azerbaijan, the start of any demarcation process is premature and contrary to the national interests of Armenia. It has been mentioned that the issue of security should be resolved before opening the road with the enemy state. It was considered necessary to have a national consensus on the restoration of the army capabilities. The restoration of the strategic and military capabilities of our country was highlighted.

The speakers demanded from the authorities to publish the documents to be signed in the near future.

In their speeches, the extra-parliamentary forces referred to challenges facing the country and presented their ways to solve them.

Summarizing the hearings, the NA Vice President Ishkhan Saghatelyan highlighted their speeches and suggestions. He also expressed regret that the deputies from the Civil Contract Faction did not participate in the hearings.

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